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Hi, I’m Kevin Tang. I’m the co-founder and owner of Optimum Impact. I’m a professional graphic designer that specialises in creating high-conversion landing page and website for your business so that you can watch your profit skyrocket and focus more on what matters most.

At Optimum Impact , we start with the result you want and build a path to get your business there with a conversion-focussed landing pages and websites. We measure the effectiveness the same way you do by generating leads and converting them to your customers.

Whatever problems that you’re trying to solve, whether it’s fixing a poorly-designed page and website that is creating a high-bounce rate or not having a website at all, we’re here to fix it ASAP and get you the results you need.

Why Landing Page?

Landing pages and Websites are a critical part of the lead conversion process. They are instruments to your ability to generate targeted leads and effectively convert them into a paying customer.

Create clarity and focus for your business

Develop trust and true authority

Generate better leads and conversion

Make profit from your landing page

Why worry about how to generate leads and maximise conversions, at the same time look after your business operation? Sure you can earn new leads or customers through referrals, but you could also be sabotaging your business growth. Prospects referred to you aren’t always the right fit, and even worse, they don’t come consistently. 

No campaigns can perform to its potential without a compelling landing page designed to convert. We are experts in acquiring new customers for your business and what we do best is generate leads and supercharge your conversions so that you can focus on your business operation, maximise profits and scale your business. In fact, to scale your business, you need a replicable process for acquiring new customers. And the most effective way to convert is with a kick-ass Landing Page Designer.

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Design Matters!

Picture paints a thousand words. Attracting prospect and getting them to spend more time with your landing page or website is crucial in converting them.

Facts: Our brains are naturally more receptive to process visual information 60,000 times better and faster than text. Which is why Design Matters! And there’s no better way to build a high-conversion landing page with a designer that rocks!

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FRequent Asked Questions

Technically, any web page that a consumer can “land on” is called a landing page. However, in marketing, it’s customarily a standalone page, separate from your homepage or any other page – serving a single and focused purpose. This purpose is the “call-to-action” (CTA) – e.g. “Sign Up Now”  or “Shop Now”.

Essentially, it is a page where a visitor’s land after they click on the link of an email or ads from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other related places on the web.

Landing pages are expected to direct your audience to commit to a given action. Presenting them with too many choices is distracting – making them fail to follow through on your chosen purpose. Landing pages limit the number of decisions a visitor can make, subtly leading them to the outcome you desire.

No, you do not need a website for a landing page. A landing page can be a stand-alone page as a website. If you focus on a particular product or a service you can even use a landing page as the front website. For instance, if your goal is to get more leads for your business, you don’t necessarily need to create a complete website for that. You could create a simple landing page that is focused on gathering leads and convert those to customers hence a money funnel.

The Answer Is Yes. Not only can you use a landing page before a full website, you SHOULD.

There is no reason why you cannot have a landing page if you already have a typical website. In fact there are legitimate profitable businesses that only have a landing page, and that’s it! This is especially true for the landing pages that focus on capturing leads. If you use a lead generation page to get the email then you have a constant channel of communication with the lead and converting those prospects to customers.

Landing pages are the key element in online campaigns to generate leads and there are a number of factors that have proven to work across campaigns and industries.

A landing page should have one objective and only that one. That’s why landing pages are different to websites where you find all kinds of information and where you can sign up for different offers.

A typical website has 10+ pages and also social media links etc. Top performers typically have multiple landing pages to target different groups. So, to conclude, why landing page is so important? Because they are your key in increasing conversion.

As long as you have a legitimate product or service, any kind of business requires at least one landing page and they are critical in helping you to generate leads and convert them into customers. Landing page is anchored on your objective and every element on the page is designed to draw attention and entice visitor for them to take specific action. It can be as simple as obtaining their email and contact number, sign-up for a free webinar or product purchase for an eCommerce online store.

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